I have been fighting some shoulder pain all this week (let it be noted that in 16 years of competitive swimming I never once had shoulder pain), so I did a quick temperature check on how it would feel with a recovery workout. Result: Meh. Not great, but not awful!

This was a set of 4×500’s that I split up, but you could easily add on to get some more yardage. Note also that I did not include any kick sets like usual because I’ve been overcompensating on the leg workouts this week while I was resting my shoulder. If you aren’t recovering, try the bonus for some added kick and faster work. Enjoy!

W/U (1,000):

1×500 swim, choice. I did 100 fr, 100 bk, 100 fr, 100 br, 100 fr.

10×50 swim:

Odd: Perfect stroke w/ 6 dolphin kicks off the wall @ 1:00

Even: Build @ :50

Main (1,000):

5×100 swim @ 1:20 – I was holding about 1:12 on these

4×125 stroke (I did backstroke) w/ fins @ 1:45 (adjust the interval for different strokes if need be)

BONUS (1,000):

20×25 @ :30, butterfly kick on your back w/ fins

2×250 @ 3:30 – middle 200 smooth speed (150 easy/build, 200 hard, 150 easy)

*My husband and I use smooth speed a lot – kind of a catch all for being older and trying to still go kinda fast …. This really means pick up the pace but try and keep that long, smooth stroke rate.  HR for me is usually between 150-170