I was low on time yesterday, trying to squeeze a workout in before my friend (we go way back in the swimming world) came into town for a visit. I figured if I had to cut it short, at least I would have worked hard on what I already did! This one was low yardage but high intensity. Enjoy!

W/U (700): 
300 swim 
200 IM drill 
200 kick w/ fins

Main (1500):

4×100 ALL OUT @ 2:00

50 easy

6×75 @ 1:30 
1&4: 25 fast, 50 easy
2&5: 50 fast, 25 easy
3&6: FAST

50 easy

8×50 @ 1:10
odd: build
even: FAST

50 easy

10×25 @ :40
odd: no breath
even: FAST

100 easy

Total: 2300

Interval modifications: The idea with the intervals here was to get maximum rest so I could actually sprint. Try to get about a minute on the 100’s, 40 seconds on the 75’s, 30-40 seconds on the 50’s, and 20-25 seconds on the 25’s.