My husband wrote himself a sprint workout last week so he could get in during our daughter’s practice. Unfortunately there were no lanes available, so he pushed this one on us on Sunday (after I had just done a sprint workout on Friday).

I will be honest here folks, I did NOT make these intervals. He did, but just barely. I recommend adjusting the starting interval for the main set, otherwise you may spent the second half of the set playing catch-up to the clock.

W/U (1300):

3×200 choice @ 3:00 (I did a real mash up of stroke, free, drill, kick)

4×100 kick w/ fins @ 1:30 – This is a little fast for warm up so you can modify, but the fins help

12×25 @ :30, IMO – 1 build, 1 sprint, 1 easy

Main (700): 

14×50 swim – intervals go in a ladder starting at 1:00: 
:30 (did not make this)
:35 (or this)
:40 (was touch and go)
:45 (finally caught back up)

200 warm down

Total: 2200