It’s March 1st and according to a certain native Pennsylvanian rodent Spring should be upon us. I can tell you here in Memphis, it is not. It’s cold, cloudy and misty outside. A collection of weather that my husband likes to call “pea soup”. It does not lend itself well to a girl jumping in a cold pool. The closer happy hour gets, the lower the workout motivation dives…

I blame the groundhog.

So I am writing this workout in the hopes that it gives me the motivation to get up from my desk and walk the two blocks to the pool. Just one of those dreary lazy Fridays where you feel like skipping because like I said… rain…cold…weekend upon me…

Here we go anyway:

W/U (1100):

6×150 @ 2:30
1 – fr, bk, br
2 – bk, br, fr
3 – br, fr, bk
4-6 swim, descend last 50 1-3

8×25 @ :30 IMO – 1 drill, 1 swim

Main (2000): 


4×100 fr @ 1:25 (R.I. 10-12 sec)
1×100 IM @ 1:30 (R.I. 5 sec or less)
3×100 fr @ 1:20 (R.I. 8-10 sec)
2×100 IM @ 1:35 (R.I. 8-10 sec)
2×100 fr @ 1:15 (R.I. 5 sec or less)
3×100 IM @ 1:40 (R.I. 10-12 sec)
1×100 fr FAST @ 2:00 (45-1 min rest)
4×100 IM @ 1:45 (R.I. 10-15 sec)

50 easy

Set 2 (600): 

3×200 pull @ 2:50 – br 3,5,7 by 200

50 easy

Total: 3700

For the record I sent this over to my husband and he thinks the IM intervals may be a little ambitious (and he is an IMer), so feel free to adjust. The goal is to get less rest on the freestyle 100’s as you go, and more on the IM to make up for it. I anticipate the 1:15 freestyle to be a little touch and go, but as my old age group coach used to shout at us, “anyone can do two”!

I added the intended rest intervals beside the workout. If you want to scale down the yardage, you can either cut the 200’s pull, or cut the last 4×100 IM’s (or both). I debated whether to go with 16 or 20 100’s and ultimately opted for the longer set.

I hope the collective motivation level out there in swim nation is higher than mine today! Good luck swimming friends – enjoy your weekend. I hope it’s not as cold as mine!