I’m about 7 weeks into a master training plan I put together several weeks ago that takes me from September to December. I have a meet next month, and I really just wanted something that would keep me on track and force me to put in the work even when I didn’t feel like it. Last week, I got some good training in but didn’t hit my yardage goal which was admittedly on the larger side (18k). This week I had planned to hit 20k, but because of some scheduling conflicts that are going to limit my pool time this week, I likely won’t get there, and that’s ok (I keep telling myself that).

Each week I planned for a specific focus and this week was on breath control. The workout below focused on some technique, perfect stroke, and breathing. My heart-rate never really got up there but sometimes it’s better to just focus on the feel of the water and the small details. Here was today’s workout:

I believe that when it comes to technique work, equipment is your friend. I almost always throw my fins on when I’m doing freestyle drills, it helps me with my stability (especially because I tend to drop my right shoulder when I’m tired). When it comes to the breath control, feel free to modify and add a breath if needed. The point is to just slow down and focus on your stroke. Happy swimming!