Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve heard from several family and friends that it’s motivated them to think about getting back in the pool, or to try swimming for the first time. The problem: Where to start?

With the holiday season coming up, I decided to launch a beginner workout series! I’ll post two swim workouts a week from now until New Years Eve with the hope that when January 1st comes around and those pesky resolutions start nagging at you, you’ll be armed with a dozen workouts to dive in full force.

I know personally Thanksgiving is about the time of year I start reflecting on my year as a whole and what I’d like to accomplish in the new year (not just in swimming). Do I always live up to my expectations? Of course not. But it’s great to have a plan out there to help you in times when you feel really unmotivated.

My hope with this series is to set future you up for success so that current you can calm down, stop worrying, and know that you have a plan (at least for exercise). So enjoy the food, forgive yourself for skipping a workout to get your shopping done, and file these workouts away for a time when you feel really ready to commit. If that’s now, great! But no pressure… you be you.

Beginner Workout 1:

As always, please comment with questions or ideas for modifications. Happy swimming everyone!

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