Workout 2 focuses on freestyle drills with a touch of fast swimming at the end. I’ll be incorporating drill work into these workouts, so the goal is to just familiarize you with what you may see in the future and how it can help your stroke. I’ve put together a guide that includes the drill name, abbreviation that I’ll use, and a Youtube video link for each + description. You can check that out here.

The point of a drill is to slow down and feel the way your body moves through the water. These are not meant to be done fast. Each drill has a unique purpose and as you focus on each one, I challenge you to think about how it can help you when you’re swimming freestyle. I often like to finish a drill set with a few “perfect stroke” swims – just meaning that you slow down your stroke and try to incorporate everything you just worked on during the drill itself. You do your best to swim a “perfect” freestyle.

I did incorporate just 50 yrds of fast swimming. I think it’s important to get your heart rate up just a little in each workout, but we’ll start small.

Workout 2:

I always welcome feedback – so if you don’t understand a certain drill or would like a suggestion or modification please just comment and ask!

Happy Swimming!

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