For workout 5, I wanted to focus on breath control. If you are a beginner, you may be breathing on every stroke cycle which can really throw off your center of gravity and cause you to cross your hand over your mid-line on entry or over compensate with the non-breathing arm. The effect can give you a lop-sided and inefficient stroke. For these breathing drills, focus on staying long in the water and practicing the “one goggle rule” – when you breath, try to turn your head so that just one goggle comes out of the water.

For the 100’s, give yourself at least :30 rest in between. The goal is not speed on this workout – it’s breathing and trying to keep your body in line on that horizontal axis in the water. Typically we teach young kids bilateral breathing – breathing to both sides but you may find that it’s more comfortable for you to breathe to one side (I almost always breathe to my left). The catch-up drill throughout should help you reset your body alignment so again, slow down and take your time finding that balance in the water.

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