It has been busy times here right before the holiday, not much swimming going on between gift buying, travel, work, school programs, etc….

If you find the time this week, and you’re feeling brave here are two workouts – butterfly & IM – to get a little exercise in.

Some notes on the butterfly drills:
Aquaman. This drill is done on your side, and if you have fins – go ahead and put them on. This is one of my age group kid’s favorite drills, because they get to blast up out of the water. To do this drill, in streamline and transition to your side with one-arm extended. Take a single arm stroke, either side, and dive down under the water, kicking strong butterfly. When you surface, switch arms, take another single arm stroke and dive back down in dolphin kick. Repeat the length of the pool.
Head Lead Kick. This is a great drill to work on really pressing your chest into the water as you kick. This will naturally bring your hips to the surface and avoid your legs sinking as you stroke. Surface kick with your head down and hands at your side, dolphin kick.
One-arm Butterfly. This one is just as it sounds, butterfly with just left arm or just right arm. This looks a little like freestyle with a butterfly kick, and will help you with the timing of your stroke. If you’d like to watch a video, you can check it out here.
Right-arm/Left-arm/Full Stroke. For this drill, push off in streamline and dolphin kick until you surface. Take one stroke with right arm only, one stroke with left arm only, and then one full butterfly stroke with both arms. In this video, the swimmer is breathing to the front, but I suggest breathing to the side to start.

For the main set in the IM workout below, if you want to lose the butterfly, feel free to modify and substitute freestyle. Another modification option is to wear fins, and do butterfly kick with breaststroke pull drill on the breaststroke portions.

Happy Swimming!

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