It’s hard to believe that January is almost over – and hard to believe that over the past month I’ve only logged about 5 total swims…

Unfortunately, I was down for some injuries over the holidays and had to take some time not only out of the pool, but out of exercise in general. I’m on the mend now, but still struggling a bit as I get back in shape (and taking it slow).

I never feel great when I have to take time off from exercise, but I was able to spend some time this weekend putting together a plan to get back on track at a nice slow steady pace without overdoing it. Over the next month, my swimming focus will be building my aerobic base back up and gaining back the endurance I lost while I was out of commission.

With that in mind, I started today with an aerobic set on an interval that would typically be on the easy side for me (but was not) with a goal of maintaining about 10-15 seconds rest on each 100. Adjust your interval accordingly so you get a FULL 10 seconds rest, but not more than 15 seconds in between. Feel free to shorten the number of 100’s as well if 12 is too long of a set. This took me 17 min for the main set, so set your goal between 15-20 min.

Happy Swimming!

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