The winter can be busy months for work, and therefore cut into your workout time. I know personally, it’s been very difficult the last few weeks to fit in not only pool time but dryland workouts that I ususlaly incorportate into my week.

The workout below is an intermediate level workout of 3,000 yards that took me 52 minutes. As always feel free to adjust the intervals, but this should still clock in right around an hour or under if you’re pressed for time.

Interval Adjustment Notes:

  • 300’s Pull: For pull, I usually add 10 seconds/100 with an ankle strap, and 5 seconds/100 with buoy/other equipment.
  • Kick Set: Adjust so that you get about 10/15/20 seconds per 100 as you descend.
  • Breath Control: If the 3/2/1 pattern is too much, try going 5/4/3 or 4/3/2 breaths per 25 on the 75’s.

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