Today was meant to be a “choose your own adventure” challenge set! I was trying to think of a fun Tuesday workout, but all I could think of was “Taco Tuesday” and that wasn’t getting me anywhere…so…sandwiches anyone?

Interval notes:
For the “bread” side – the 100’s should be at your aerobic base pace, and I designed the set so there are no breaks in between “sandwiches”. If you need to modify, no problem! Add another 5 seconds to your aerobic base or add :30 rest in between sandwiches. For the “fast” portions, I set those on aerobic base + :20/100, but again – add more time if you need it!

For the “meat” side – the ladder portion (200,175, etc…) should be on your aerobic base/100. The 100’s start at aerobic base + :20 sec and then subtract :05 each “sandwich”. Always modify if this is too much!

Enjoy your sandwiches!

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