When I craft workouts for the week, I often start out with some long aerobic sets to build a good base. I tried this workout out yesterday, but left out the stroke portion (been fighting shoulder pain from get this – sleeping funny).

Like any workout, this can be modified. If you’re not quite sure 400’s are your thing, you can shorten this to 200’s or 300’s and still get a great workout. If you shorten the length of the swims, just adjust the breathing pattern (3/5 x 2 for 200’s, 3/5/7 x 2 for 300’s) and the last smooth/fast pattern (alternate 50’s for 200’s, 75’s for 300).

As a reminder, choose your aerobic base at an interval that gives you between 8-12 rest per 100 with your heart rate between 150-170. On the 5th 400 (or whatever length you choose), you can finish to the touch on each 100, meaning come in – check the clock and leave so you can get your time on the fast 100’s.

Happy Swimming!

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