So big news… I finally found a doable Masters swim meet and I’m officially signed up for the 50 and 100 free in May! Exciting as that is, I haven’t raced in over a decade so… some work will be put in over the next two months to prepare.

I’ve been trying to incorporate one hard sprint set a week, with a workout goal of 4-5 pool workouts/week. The only problem is, I only have access to a short course yards pool, and the meet will be long course meters, so I have to beef up my sets a little for extra endurance. If it were a scy meet I was training for, this set would be 100’s and 50’s vs. 125’s and 75’s.

Here was today’s workout, and to be honest, I’m pooped…

W/U (1200): 

300 swim 
200 IM drill w/ fins
6×50 kick w/ fins @ 1:00
8×25 fast/easy, easy/fast, fast, easy x 2
200 pull long & smooth 

Main (900): 

3×125 FAST @ 2:30
50 easy
3×75 FAST @ 1:45 
50 easy
4×25 FAST @ 1:00
100 easy 

Total: 2100

When I originally wrote this, there was no 200 pull in the warmup, and I had a set of 8×50’s stroke – 25dr/25sw at the end for extra warm down. I added the pull because I still didn’t feel warmed up (my stroke felt short and choppy), and removed the stroke set because I was just too spent at the end of the main set. If you need more warm down and you’re feeling better (and younger) than me, feel free to keep it for a total of 2500.