A few months ago I was going through a Marie Kondo phase and was cleaning out my nightstand drawer when I came across an old military log book I used as a notebook when I was active duty.

I was flipping through and it mostly had notes that I used to study, but in the back were about 10-12 pages of swim workouts that I wrote during a particularly boring midnight watch one night in port. Standing watch in the middle of the night usually consists of 1. trying to stay awake and 2. thinking of ways to stay awake. I guess I wrote these to keep my brain functioning in the wee hours.

I have to say they are pretty basic, my creativity wasn’t really flowing but it was still fun to see what I was thinking at a time when I hadn’t been in the pool in several years. It was during my “I never have to get in the pool again because I’m retired” phase.

Not sure I can make 6×200’s kick these days!

If anyone is up for a 500 for time (no one ever), hit up this #tbt workout! I plan to do this one in the next few days… maybe without the 500 for time…

Anyone else have a throwback workout to share? Post in the comment or on Facebook!

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